Bikini Bodies.

So, first things first I need to apologise for my lack of blog activity over the past few weeks. I haven’t written anything new recently because once I finished my internship in Lisbon, I had visitor after visitor and decided to make the most of the last month of my year abroad and give myself a nice little holiday. Because, well, why not?

One thing which I thought it would be very relevant to write about, especially at this time of the year was going to the beach and, specifically, your (shudder) body at the beach. I feel like every other post I see on Instagram/with all this hype around Love Island at the moment, everywhere I look there’s a pretty girl in a bikini and you have to have skin made of steel to not be affected by it. Personally, I cannot think of one occasion where I have gone down to the beach or the pool in my bikini (though, I often do opt for a swimsuit) and thought ‘Yes, I look 10/10 today!’ And I know I’m definitely not alone here. I worry am I too pale? Am I too lumpy and bumpy? Are my bikini bottoms giving me a wedgie..? And I worry that everyone is looking at me and my body, even though I have never once seen someone at the pool and scrutinised her bikini body. But the truth is, they’re all too worried about how they look to even bother about whether or not my stretch marks are on show.

I know that we should all embrace our bodies – lumps and all – and be proud of the fact we all look different, but sometimes this is hard, and often the amount of time we spend stressing about our appearance gets in the way of the fun we should be having in the pool and at the beach. I don’t believe that anyone should be ashamed of their body or of getting into swimwear and going to the beach, but I think that there are definitely ways of improving the way you feel.

So for starters, you could use a cover-up. I don’t mean pulling on a pair of jeans (unless you’re in Scotland), but there are so many kimonos, playsuits, beach dresses etc that can hide your less-loved areas (for example, the back of your thighs) and also not make you warmer than you already are. Have a look at the slider below for some of my favourites that I’ve seen recently! Also, I think that for girls like me who don’t like showing their midriff, there are so many more varieties than the traditional bikini which are available on the high street now. It’s important that your swimwear is something you feel comfortable in, so what I would recommend is choosing something which covers your more difficult areas, but accentuates your other features. For example, you might want something which covers your tummy but is off the shoulder to highlight your decolletage (it sounds much better than saying you like your neck). Also, bold prints are very big right now and are not just bright and colourful on the beach, but also very slimming.

Other than that, you can opt for accessories such as a huge hat or oversized sunglasses, which are likely to take away the attention from your body and distract people. Plus, they look good. But above all, the most important thing about holidays is having fun, so embrace whatever body you were given and make the most of your time at the beach!



    • 8th July 2017 / 12:51 pm

      ah i know!! but i feel like that sometimes gets overlooked and when we’re in that sitchu it’s hard to think like that!! ooh thanks very much i will read that now xxx

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