10 emotions every 20-something-year-old experiences too often.

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  1. Panic: when asked unanswerable questions about the unknown future – because who actually has it together in their 20s?
  2. Nostalgia: because who doesn’t miss those days when you didn’t have to plan your washing around your flatmates’ schedules or get home at the end of the day and have to cook.
  3. Dread: most probably about family reunions when everyone is asking about how your life/future/that-old-friend-they-met-once-but-you-haven’t-spoken-to-for-5-years is doing. This is generally followed by panic (see above).
  4. Despair: caused by that late-onset hangover which you thought you’d avoided but actually it kills you off around 3 pm. Made worse by the fact that you only had half a bottle of wine and a vodka shot the whole night.
  5. Confusion: maybe it’s just me but the quarter-life crisis is a real thing.
  6. Smugness: when you see 15-year-olds just starting their GCSEs and know that someone couldn’t pay you to take all those exams you’ve taken since then.
  7. Jealousy: the opposite of smugness when you see there are people becoming millionaires in their teens and knowing you’ll probably never fulfil that old pipe dream of becoming the youngest person to ever do anything.
  8. Fatigue: it causes you to think ‘do I really need this job/degree/friends?’ when the alarm goes off in the morning. Also, the need for three naps a day is a real issue.
  9. Shock: feeling absolutely appalled that you cannot continue to eat like you used to and might actually have to do some exercise soon.
  10. Panic (again): a different strand of panic is that feeling you get when you look around for an adult and then you realise you are now one…

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So to sum up, your 20s are most likely just filled with panic and tiredness, because there are somehow not as many hours in your day as there were in your teens. If you have any other feelings you have experienced during your 20s, please let me know in the comments. And if you like these numbered list posts (I seem to really like them a lot), then please have a look at some of my others!

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